What are Webapps?

Webapps are applications running in the web browser of your device. They are using standard web technologies like JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5. New application interfaces implemented along with HTML5 enable new features for webapps like:

  • store data on your device (Data Storage)
  • run without internet connection (Application Caching)
  • identify device location after user confirmation (Geolocation API)

For more information please see the following resources:

The webapps on this site are free of charge and provided 'as is', without warranty of any kind (see Terms of Use). Some apps are only available as APK Installs for Androidâ„¢ because they use special functions not available in the standard web browser.

Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
iPad, iPod, iPhone and Safari are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

How to run Webapps?

Webapps are just loaded like normal web sites. Just enter the web address (URL) of the webapp in your web browser. For restart just bookmark the webapp. You can also add an application shortcut icon to your home screen:

Home screen icon on iPhone/iPad/iPod

  • Tap the bookmark symbol of the browser.
  • Choose 'Add to Home screen' to create an icon on your home screen.

Home screen icon on Androidâ„¢ devices

  • In the general browser menue or when creating a bookmark you can usually select an option 'Add to Home screen'.
    If not, please try this:
  • Bookmark the webapp and open the bookmark menue.
  • Press and hold your finger on the bookmark you have just created.
  • Select 'Add to Home screen' to create an icon on your home screen.
    (On older devices this can be: 'Add shortcut to Home')

Start screen tile on Windows Phone

  • Tap the lower ... symbol.
  • Choose 'pin to start' to add the webapp as a tile to your start screen.


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